5 Tips to increase traffic on your website

5 Tips to increase traffic on your website

by Fivetn


1. Send all your pages to be added free of charge to the Google index.

Using Google webmaster tools to submit URLs, Google web crawlers to allow more efficient and complete access your website in Webmaster Tools lets you send all of your pages to the Google index and are particularly useful for you ensure that Google knows all index dynamically generated URLs and all pages to which links are incorrect on your website Keep in mind that sending a page from Google's index will not guarantee inclusion, it will not affect PageRank and saves you creating a compelling and useful content.



2. Discover how Google sees your site

After you've made sure we have access to your site, you can see the common words that are used to send to your pages and that are seen by Google. This allows you to see trends in site content and help you determine why the site can be ranked according to certain keywords. You can also see what pages have the highest PageRank value for each month. Some of the owners of sites have surprised to discover that the page with the highest value is always homepage. If an internal page has the highest PageRank value, make sure you're spending more time optimizing the ads that appear on this page.


3. Diagnose potential problems.

We will notify you if and why we have trouble accessing your website or specific pages of it. If we can not crawl a page, we can not index it, so fixing any errors we list can improve overall coverage of your site If the tool for diagnosing AdSense sites indicates that block some pages from MediaPartners-Google (crawler AdSense), you can use the robots.txt analysis tool of Google webmaster tools to test changes in the file, and to ensure that they allow crawling. You can also see what pages block access other Google robots. This allows you to test changes, to see to what extent they affect crawling your site


4. Discover what search queries drive traffic to your website

Using Google webmaster tools, learn which Google search queries generate clicks to your site and what position he was ranked in search results for that query. You can also see data for certain properties and countries. For example, you can see the queries used by users searching Google Images in the United States and among search results are displayed and your site will see only the properties and countries for which your site It is given.


5. Get re website in search results.

If your site has disappeared from the search results, see Google's quality guidelines, then fix all the problems on site and request reinclusion of your Webmaster Tools account. Note that the reinclusion request form is only available for users using Google Webmaster Tools.