5 Techniques for an efficient promotion on Facebook

5 Techniques for an efficient promotion on Facebook

by Fivetn

Want to start a promotion campaign on Facebook? I bring something useful in this article, which need to be considered when determining the actions and promotion strategy.

Globally, the number of Facebook users are 1.23 bln., As India's population. In Moldova the number of Facebook users in 2013 was 280,000, and in early 2014 about 360,000, is expected to end exceed the threshold of 500,000. While in Romania, according www.facebrands.ro are 7,200,000 Facebook users. Undoubtedly this social network is a huge market for any business.


So but we are dealing with the biggest market for sales, you're going to miss this opportunity? Use these steps for effective promotion campaigns on Facebook.

Step 1 target of the campaign

Set a strategy inside out. Analyze the target audiences Facebook (age and interests need to be taken into account necessarily) and only after that establishes the product and offer that you will promote.

Step 2 - what use images

The picture that is paid advertising from FB is the first impact of the potential client with your ad. According to the model AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) is responsible for attracting attention image.

Before you select the image ad must know:

The maximum size of 110x80 pixels recommended. I recommend you use all the space provided by facebook. If you need an online tool that help you to resize, find here a quick and simple solution that you recommend;

The images horizontally have a bigger impact on the rate of click;

Use simple images that describe exactly the product, offers a clear perspective on what you promote.

Step 3 - The title of your message

Whether or juice advertise Evening dresses, the title is the one responsible for stimulating customer interest. According campaigns carried out over time, the most effective headlines are those that directly address customer in the form of questions.

I recommend three aspects required subject:

· An action verb 2nd person singular;

· Key word (the keyword) promoted (eg. Evening dresses -in the case of an advertisement which refers to products ranging from fashion and evening dresses);

· Question mark at the end (question serves to cause the client's interest, and not to convey uncertainty or distrust).


Step 4 - the content of your message

Once you have determined the potential client and you passed the first two steps, be careful - the message content's mission is to enable desire. The tricks below will help you:

· Do not use the whole space made available. Create short messages and relevant, about three rows;

· Highlight the benefits of your product / service they provide. Avoid "marketing myopia" - effect resulting from the emphasis on product quality and not the benefits it brings;

· Impetus, incentive, incentive. The vital element that will encourage action (ie. 10% discount for orders from FB);

· Constraint in time. Add this detail in the message. (Ex. The offer ends at the end of the day).

Step 5 - How do you set your bid

If you set all the steps above, it only remains to set Campaign (Promote with year advert - Design your advert -Targeting - Campaignis, Pricing and scheduling -Pricing);

You can choose CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) or CPC (Cost Per Click), the tips below will help you to effectively reduce the cost of promotion:

· Start the campaign before the peak, when your competitors will do the same campaign, be one step ahead;

· The logic that suggested those figures are based on the right cost campaign namely this: a small number of campaigns set on a particular field of interest, will determine a recommended bid low (eg. Bid recommended it in May facebook August winter tires in August will be well below that of November);

· Set the campaign for the next period. Use your choice and create effective promotional campaigns.

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