4 Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

4 Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

by Fivetn

Search engine optimization is a service increasingly sought among businesses who want to make visible and popular, to attract new customers. People call seeking goods and services la Google, Yahoo or Bing to find what they want, and if your site is displayed in the top ten results for keywords related to your business, then your chances of reaching potential customers significantly decrease your page. In this article I will explain how you can avoid the most common mistakes in search engine optimization.

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1. First you need to ask yourself what words and phrases will be searched on the engine of your products or services by customers. You can use widely understood words, but make sure they are sufficiently specific to your business. Spread these specific words and phrases throughout your website so that it appears above in the results displayed by the search engines for these termeni.Se often it happens that some sites do not use Cuvinetele right key or not repeat often enough and it impiedca acst present these websites in their list of top business category.


2. Create a schedule and then update and add content to your site. Normally you should add new content at least once a week and it is preferable to do it more often. Many people create a site, post it on the Internet and think that is enough. Not true. The algorithms used by search engines will assign a higher value to your site if it is active and has more new content. Do not forget that the content must be relevant and interesting for people to want to visit your site.

3. sites and meta tags, in general, can be very effective tools in search engine optimization, but often are underused. Create page titles, tags for items, add photos, etc., keeping in mind the keywords you want associated with your site. Insert these keywords when possible.

4. A website that is easy to navigate is a sure recipe for disaster. The main reason is that taking a look disorganized, visitors will not be able to find the content that you posted on the site and time investment will be lost. People want to find what they are looking for and, if not, they tend to click on another page. This represents a missed opportunity to advertise your business. The second reason is that search engine algorithms can not correctly assign a value to your site if they can not access all the pages within it. Let's say you followed the previous advice in this article and you properly labeled regularly create unique content generated regularly and have integrated perfectly keywords. This is in vain if search engines can not index the site due to a faulty your organization.

It is a mistake to start optimizing your site to do business, even if you have no previous experience. However, be sure to follow the tips listed in this article, in order to avoid these four common mistakes.