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About Fivetn Development

At Fivetn-Development we do not create things, we develop unique ideas and transform software in thoughts and ideas
materialized. Our mission is to transform the impossible into something simple and beautiful into something useful.

We are a multi-national company specializing in Social Media Marketing, Web Design Cluj, Presentation Website, Design Online ShopSoftware and  operational platforms such as: HostingMaintenance and  Grafic &  2D Design.

Fivetn Development it is a brand  that belongs Fivetn SRL owner Fivetn.com platform and the first school of animation and
3D graphics from Romania, "Fivetn Animation Academy".

Fivetn Development is a division of Fivetn SRL concerned with software development and web design, being able to support and develop applications such as: websites, online platforms, software, online shopssoftware applications for any industirial structure.


How SEO can add value to your online business

by Fivetn

Have you tried to engage an online marketing agency before and found SEO expensive? Have you been unsure or confused of how can SEO help your business attract more customers and grow? 

It is true that most marketing agencies or freelancers charge a lot for SEO services and many small or medium sized businesses cannot afford this cost. 

However SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is nowadays a vital thing for any business. It can generate tens and hundreds of potential customers without any further efforts, can increase your customer base, add to your website traffic and increase your profitability, again with little or no effort from the business owners. 

 We are highlighting below the value and the importance of finding a professional online marketing agency by describing an example of one of our customers.

"Nick has an online store where he sells musical instruments. Alexander is a potential client interested in purchasing a guitar. Alexander, as most of us, does what most of us do : ...ask Google and type in words like" Guitar for sale or Guitar Shop (in his city). The list of google results page displayed can be very long, up to several hundred pages. It is almost certain that Alexander will not try to visit all 100 pages displayed by Google, but will perhaps access the websites listed on the 1 Page, potentially the results from Page 2 as well.  As Nick's musical instruments shop is not listed in the first 20-30 results, Alexander is not likely to find Nick's shop. If Nick would have a professional and efficient SEO done for his shop or website, his shop would be listed on the first page of Goole. 

SEO services help any businesses become more visible online and those who implement SEO strategies for their website have only to gain long-term. Some of these benefits are listed below, and in our further articles we will talk about each one of them:

- Increased traffic
- Top SEO rankings provides 24/7 promotion
- SEO helps build Brand Awareness
- SEO can give smaller businesses an edge on larger companies
- SEO will increase your social media followers
- SEO improves the speed of your website
- SEO can decrease your cost per acquisition
- SEO increases customer attribution
- SEO will increase your email newsletter subscribers
- SEO receives 90% more clicks than PPC
- SEO can help you beat competition
- ROI (return on investment)
- Increased site usability

To optimise your website and to have a professional SEO campaign done require time, expertise and creative thinking. 

For more information on how SEO could be beneficial to your website, or for a free SEO consultation, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

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