Have you ever thought about selling online ? Or maybe you are not selling ENOUGH?

Do you want to have a successful online shop and EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS into new markets or countries? Or perhaps, you want to attract more traffic and convert more leads?

We are committed to the development of new technology, including regular feature releases and functionality updates. Make an appointment to discuss with Fivetn team and find together optimal solutions to develop you business online.

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What will the Online Shop include?
  • Modern and personalized  design
  • Develop structure on product category
  • Unlimited  subcategories development
  • Create personalized product structure
  • Mobile and tablet responsive
  • Website Administration panel
  • Create  user account command
  • Create shopping cart command
  •  Implement of online payment system  
  • Implement  cash on delivery system
  • Maintenance 3 months free of charge
  • Hosting 3 months free of charge
  • Create  email address 
  • Training for  panel administration
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