SEO and its value in the business regarding online presence

SEO and its value in the business regarding online presence

by Fivetn

Many wonder rightly "Sir` but why SEO is so expensive that, and after all that is real value in a business life?"

True, most SEO services are expensive, and many small or medium sized business can not afford this addition because of its high costs and delayed effects of service.

SEO (or Romanian said search engine optimization) is a vital thing in any business presence online, especially those using space online sales platforms, or those who "hunt" for potential customers online.

In the following we present the benefits of SEO in a very simple language to understand what this service worldwide and worth acquiring.


"Andrei has an online store where you sell musical instruments. Alexander is a client interested in purchasing a guitar. The latter do what they do most Internet users ... Go to Google, type in words where" Guitar CLUJ. "On page google Alexander sees a long list of online shops with musical instruments or other ads that binds the two key words typed it. The list of google results page displayed can be very long, up to several hundred pages. Alexander did not all will be tempted to visit all 100 pages displayed by Google, but will be tempted to access the websites listed first in google homepage. Google's business but Andrei is on display at the number 12 written by Alexander keywords . Therefore it is very unlikely that his business be seen by Alexander.

SEO services help the business to move forward Andrei search pages for 12th place displaying page 1 of the results according to keywords typed by Alexander. How to do this?

There are several ways, but simple and Romanian said it like this: "A business is promoted on the same princes that uses a natural person to promote ... more briefly" The talk more about yourself, the YOU MOST POPULAR ".... Logic not? If I'm on TV all day in Cluj, and Bucharest, we have a big chance that the people of these cities on the street recognize me as the guy who always on TV, even if we much to say.

SEO services help your business become more popular, and those who implement SEO strategies for your website you do nothing to make them talk to others and they in turn to talk about your website to others. If you ever talk about the name of your website and link it is promoted in many other pages, Google will notice this and will consider your website a popular one, and it will advance to the first page of search on certain words Key chosen by you, so as to be more visible and easy to find.

This procedure is a laborious and difficult and that is why costs are high to some, but not to us. At Fivetn find SEO packages with prices starting from 49euro / month. Nowhere will you find this price in our country. For a detailed offer and FREE advice please contact us soon.

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